Reality Decoder: Truth Cypher – Preface & Commentary

Truth Cypher is a guide to decoding reality. Why is reality and being so preposterous? What could be going on here? For the first episode we read the preface and add commentary.

Truth Cypher
Decoding a Base Reality Where Conflicting Events are Simultaneously True
By Medium Digital

“A preposterous theory for a preposterous universe.” – The Author

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Preface text:
I originally called this book Synthesis before the writing of it revealed a more descriptive title. Synthesis is the genre I am working in. Artist would be an appropriate description of my background. I am biased towards the right brained, intuitive way of being. Professionally I work as a designer, which is a discipline that merges the analytical with the creative to communicate in media. The idea for a work of Synthesis came to me from hearing Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan podcast. Neither are traditional specialists or experts in the archeological and scientific fields they valiantly challenge. Carlson is a builder by trade, Hancock is a journalist. On that podcast they described what they do in their books and research as synthesis. Synthesis is an empowering mode that gives uncredentialed people like myself a say in the tremendous issues of our times. As a creative person who has studied a wide array of unconventional topics I believe I’m well suited to synthesize information and offer an intuitive perspective that may have some value in how we collectively live our lives. I had a kernel of an insight. By exploring my own mind in the writing of this book that idea has been clarified for me – and for you. I am no expert. I am allowed to explore, come to conclusions and correct later. I invite you to do so. This book is a stop on the great journey. I make no claims that I am the holder of absolute truth when describing events that transpire. But as you’ll find in this book, I do posit that we all hold within us a universe that is true to us. The problem arises when billions of these true universes overlap and produce what we know of as consensus reality.

From Steemit:

Contained within Truth Cypher is a preposterous theory for an even more preposterous universe. In short, two (or more…many more) conflicting facts (or events) can be simultaneously accurate. That’s at least what I’m saying. If you allow this as a possibility, events that don’t make sense can be understood in a different kind of way. I believe this is useful. It’s helped me navigate the emotional rollercoaster of “fake news”, terror events, hyperbole and general hysteria of the day. I wrote a book(let). I’m going to be posting it here on Steemit in chapters. I’m also doing readings of each chapter with my own freeform podcast commentary to explain myself. I’ll be including those presentations as YouTube embeds which are sexed up with intuitive image selections in the videos.

More thoughts:
To get right down to it, I’m invoking quantum theory and the observer effect to demonstrate that reality does not unfold in a singular, objective way.  Multiple conflicting events are true! Maybe even infinity conflicting events are true. We navigate a multiverse by interacting with other sentients. Each sentient mind is a universe. This is revealed to you with every perspective you encounter. Maybe that seems like a big and wild theory, worth many numerous experiments and scientific demonstrations. Sorry, I’m not going to do that. You can look at your own lived experience to demonstrate that to you. That’s not the point of this project. This project is about how to live in this multiverse, your universe simulation, once you’ve realized what reality is.

If this is new information, Google for the Slits Experiment and contemplate what that means. An open mind is essential to receive new information. I probably won’t be saying anything actually new. Perhaps this mode of synthesis will be a new way to combine ideas as old as our species with more recent theories. We’re going to dive into simulation theory, debunk it, and then build on what’s usable. We’ll reference occult symbology. We’ll go deep into morality and Natural Law. We’ll decode the tiny spectrum of reality we’re supposed to believe is reality. We’ll introduce the Truth Cypher, your tool for navigating and simplifying what seems to be a very confusing realm. We’ll use the Truth Cypher to analyze events.

Do I believe what I’m saying? Well, I don’t know if we live in a multiverse actually. The Mandela Effect got me thinking that maybe we do. Even if I’m not sure about the multiverse, I do believe in the Truth Cypher. It works regardless of what kind of universe this is: simulation, flat earth, prison planet, hologram, whatever. The Truth Cypher will give you permission to free your mind from the consensual illusion, to consider that we could do more and be more. You will come to understand that what you believe is not anywhere near as important as what you do and how you act.  And of course, how we act co-creates the universe we find ourselves in it.

Take control. Break free. Wake up. Give yourself permission. Learn more. Contemplate morality. Red pill. Explore the mysteries. Unplug. All is mind. All is love. As above, so below. This is game theory for the real world.

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