Truth Cypher: Chapter 2 – Game Architecture: Precession, Cycles, Cataclysm

Cataclysm and precession: the great clue to the structure of the game

I’ve come to believe that the stars encode truths about time. The night sky is our celestial map to understanding the base reality simulation. The slow precession of our planet earth takes about 25920 years to complete. This is known as a great year. The year is broken down into 12 ages we know as zodiac signs. We’re currently in Pisces transitioning to Aquarius. Randall Carlson, Graham Hancock and Walter Cruttenden (to name only a few) have done fantastic work scientifically showing how precessional knowledge was woven into ancient sites like Stonehenge and the Giza pyramids. Hancock in particular has demonstrated with innumerable archaeological facts that there must have been a very ancient advanced civilization that was wiped out at the end of the last ice age by a combination of climate change, meteors and deluge. A few survivors of that cataclysm seeded the great ancient civilizations we know. This is a fascinating and fulfilling field of study. For my purposes, it shows that the nature of our base reality “simulation” is cyclical. I also believe it’s spiracle –meaning the cycles gradually move in a forward direction, not in a 2 dimensional loop.

Truth Cypher Ch. 2: Game Architecture: Precession, Cycles, Cataclysm

Cruttenden has put forward research to suggest that our sun actually orbits around another star, possibly Sirius. He contends that this is the cause of earth’s precession as our entire solar system moves through the galaxy in a 25920 year orbit. Most interestingly, his thesis suggests that our consciousness is affected by our position to that star. This gives meaning and explanation to classifications like “Golden Age” and “Dark Age”. Our consciousness becomes more aware of itself in “higher ages” because of celestial positioning and our exposure to specific electromagnetic frequencies. If this is true, it would make the cyclical, game-like nature of base reality inescapable. In darker ages we would be more prone to animalistic materialism perhaps as in after the fall of Rome. Higher ages would see a blossoming of art and science like in the Renaissance.

Carlson and Hancock have done significant work showing how cataclysm may be tied to the precessional cycle. That would be further confirmation of the cycle. Like a game, the challenge of cataclysm continues to arise. Catastrophe is not actually a given. Neither is survival. Celestial positioning gives us what can be thought of as the superpowers of higher consciousness to win the game. Even if you’re not sold on this compelling theory, you can at least be sure that we have yet to win this game.

Instead of me trying to convince skeptics of precession, I recommend reading the researchers I mentioned to learn more. For the scaffolding of this book, I am taking their core ideas and building on them as if they were established fact (and they one day might well be).

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