Zach Hallas highlights disturbing human trafficking facts in leaked Podesta emails

Excerpt from:

Those who, like me, followed an untold number of rabbit holes exposed in Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails may have worriedly searched the emails for Gaga’s name in Wikileaks’ database like me too. Fortunately, there’s nothing horribly incriminating other than her support for Hillary in general, which we of course already knew of.

>Gaga does, however, have a problematic link to performance artist and “Spirit Cooking” kook Marina Abramovic, who has further questionable ties to the wickedly corrupt Podesta. Since Wikileaks released Podesta’s emails, a number of alarming references have raised suspicion that Clinton’s associates may be connected to human trafficking operations. It’s an uncomfortable but very serious topic, and like the deaths of Seth Rich, Bheranton Whisenant Jr., and Joseph Rago, it requires a thorough and transparent investigation by the relevant authorities. The public cannot rest assured without knowing human trafficking is being policed as the crime that it is; there should be no hesitation to speak out for accountability particularly when children are in danger.

>As an independent writer and activist, it is not my job to investigate civil or criminal misconduct. The audience I have understands my approach to addressing the darkest matters is always to seek the light: That is, to speak out as a voter and resident who examines the accountability of our authorities and in calls for transparent investigations of questionable or illegal conduct where needed. Until a transparent investigation has been conducted by the appropriate authorities regarding the red flags in Podesta’s emails, we should demand one. Anyone on the fringe of this or any related scandal — Gaga included — should show leadership in owning up to any past wrongdoing for the sake of our kids, the sake of our future, and goodness’s sake, too.

Why was Jordan B. Peterson’s YouTube account temporarily restricted?

Google may never answer why. Jordan B. Peterson is a rising crusader against Marxism, SJWs and postmodernism who continues to gain steam helping people take responsibility for their own lives. His stand against government enforcement of gender pronouns in Canada raised his profile significantly in 2016. Among many activities he is decoding the Bible in his current lecture series “The Psychological Significance of the Bible Stories”, the latest of which had been temporarily blocked by YouTube. Dr. Peterson is educating people about the depths of the mind and and the serious dangers of collectivism.

Seymour Hersh confirms Seth Rich was Wikileaks source

The dangerous Russiagate narrative has officially collapsed. Mainstream media no longer publishes the research of Seymour Hersh, one of the greatest investigative journalists of all time. If they did, they would have to admit they have been outright lying to the public since the election and lose any remaining credibility.